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When irrefutable fact of a person’s involvement in a criminal activity exists, the individual will be arrested and presented before the court to answer for his/her transgressions. However, before the police can detain an individual and question him/her, they need to seek an arrest warrant against the person.

A warrant is judicial order that serves as a directive to the local sheriff’s department to apprehend a person. While the judge has to sign the order for it to come into effect, the process is initiated by the law enforcement agency which submits a formal complaint in the criminal court for a warrant.

The sitting magistrate of Whatcom County, Washington weighs all the information presented in the writ and may even ask for a sworn testimony from the witnesses, victim and the investigating officers before issuing the warrant. Once probable cause has been established, the magistrate signs the order which is legally referred to as an active arrest warrant.

The police rarely release information about active warrants; this is done to prevent the accused from escaping. However, if an arrest is not made through the use of the order for a while after it is issued, the document is stored in a national database and is then called an outstanding arrest warrant.

The sheriff’s department of Whatcom County, WA holds warrant and arrest records for all areas in its jurisdiction. So, if you are interested in a warrant search, pay them a visit at 311 Grand Ave, Bellingham, Washington 98225.

Telephone inquiries will not get you the data you need although you can call the law enforcement agency on 360-676-6650 to speak about the procedure that you will have to follow for a warrant search.

An online option is also available; filling the form above will give you access to a third party repository of arrest records not only for the county of Whatcom but also from other parts of the country.

In 1999, only about 200 incidents of violent crime were reported in Whatcom; however, the police have been unable to maintain this crime rate. Over ten years since then, the crime situation has worsened with an increase of almost 50% in the number of annual incidents reports.

Of the almost 70,000 cases filed in the area in the decade mentioned above, a total of 3000 were violent and included nearly 20 murders and over 500 rapes. However, the number that made most people sit up and take notice was the rate of thefts and robberies which stood at almost 55,000 incidents.

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