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When a crime is committed in Yakima County, WA, a detailed investigative and legal procedure is followed to bring the suspect to books. At first, the crime is investigated; this includes the collection of witness testimony and all material associated with the crime including any weapons that may have been used.

The police then seek out the assistance of the judiciary to get an arrest order. A written petition is presented in the local criminal court which helps the sitting magistrate to verify that there is indeed enough proof to file a criminal matter against the person in question.

Once this is ascertained, the judge signs the arrest order that serves as a judicial command to the local law enforcement agency and it gives certain rights to peace officers which include:

  • The authority to arrest the person in whose name the warrant has been granted at anytime and from any place (in some cases also from areas that are not within the issuing county)
  • To use any form of force needed to bring about this detention; including physical restraint and the right to enter third party premises.

After its issuance, an active arrest warrant stays in effect till an arrest is made. However, if this is made impossible due to certain circumstances, the order is held back in the national crime database and is then termed as an outstanding arrest warrant.

The sheriff’s department of Yakima County, Washington will be able to offer accurate information on all outstanding and active arrest warrants issued by the local criminal court. They can be contacted by visiting their office at 1822 S 1st Street, Yakima, Washington 98903 or by calling on 509-574-2500.

You can also use the form given above for an online warrant search through the use of a third party database of national arrest records.

From the year 1999 to 2008, the crime scenario in Yakima County has steadily deteriorated. By the end of the decade, the rate of both property and violent crime had increased by over 50%. In terms of numbers this equated to an annual crime rate of over 12,000 cases and a decade long crime figure of well over 120,000 incidents.

Of these, nearly 90,000 were theft and robbery related occurrences while rape and homicide logged in an average of almost 1000 and 100 cases respectively. On a day to day basis, almost 30 criminal reports are filed in the area and in most incidents the crime occurs when the victim is within a one mile radius of his home or workplace.

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