About Me

WashingtonBeing a skip tracer and private investigator, I have worked with a diverse client base. Some of them were linked to law enforcement and criminal law and some had personal/professional motives to want to find a person.

As far as private clients are concerned, the investigations are typically geared towards locating relatives, friends, school mates, partners and ancestors. The primary aim in such instances is to renew connections and relationships and to handle medical or financial matters.

However, there have also been times when I was asked to handle an investigation with the sole aim of learning more about the medical history of distant family members and ancestors. In fact, my work with forensic genealogy is often used to understand the health vulnerabilities that the present or even the future generation may have.

I have been handling criminal, civil and private investigations, for nearly 30 years now mainly in Texas and Florida but I have also worked in Arizona and as far north as Canada. In both these places most of my work is done with commercial clients; the International Genealogy Research in Canada and The Locators Ltd, which works out of Arizona.

In addition to such establishments, I have also done a significant amount of work for law offices that wanted me to trace ex-spouses who had defaulted on child support or alimony settlement payments. My work in the realty and automobile sector is primarily directed toward finding the owners of homes and vehicles.

Moreover, I have also located wanted fugitives for bail bondsman and the Denton Police. I also offer my investigative services to the Unclaimed Persons Network, which is active all over the country.

For them, I find the closest relative of decedents. This information is then passed on to the coroner’s office which contacts the next of kin so that the decedent can be claimed. It is unfortunate that often people who have passed away remain unclaimed because there is no immediate information available on their family.

Whatever the nature of the case that I am handling and the reasons for the investigation, I love what I do. I enjoy the people element of my work and the fact that I actually get to make a difference to the lives of my clients. So, if you need to get in touch with somebody you once knew for any reason, give me a call.

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