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The Seattle Police Department is the local law enforcement agency for the City of Seattle, Washington. It employs just over eighteen hundred staff members to provide law enforcement services to Seattle’s 143 square mile land area and 59 square miles of waterway. From their website at we can learn that

The Washington Sex Offenders Registry was established in 1990 pursuant to the State Registered Sex Offender Law.The enactment of the law meant that all Sherriff’s Departments across the state were required to maintain registration information of convicted sex offenders who resided within their geographical jurisdiction

The Washington State Department of Corrections operates 12 correctional facilities of which 10 are used to house male imamates while 2 are designated as female penitentiaries.Apart from these, the DOC also operates and overseas the functioning of fifteen work release facilities and numerous field offices

Because Washington is an open records state, you will find innumerable options for conducting a background check. Now, there may be several reasons why you may want to avail of this facility.

In the interest of Public Safety, the Washington State Department of Corrections offers inmate information such as the location, name and identification number of prisoners incarcerated in state facilities

The Washington Open Public Meetings Act and the Washington Public Records Act are cumulatively known as the Washington Freedom of Information Laws which were laid down in accordance with the federal FOIA

People looking for records from the Washington State Justice Department and Courts have several options to choose from. If you are interested in a basic background check, Washington being an open records state, you can get all the information you need from the WATCH program maintained by Washington State Patrol

The Attorney General of Washington is a member of the executive department of the state and the office holder is the chief legal advisor for all government agencies in Washington

The Washington State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation manages 12 incarceration facilities, 15 work release centers, 6 community justice centers and over 147 field office that help to maintain safety as convicts are released under community supervision.

Title 10 of the Revised Washington Code is known as the Criminal Procedure; it is essentially a framework of laws that deals with the processing of offenders right from arrest to sentencing

The Revised Washington Code Chapter 43 states that a crime information center be located in the state of Washington that functions under the chief of Washington State Patrol and acts as a source of datafor law enforcement agencies in the state, nongovernment establishments and individuals

In the state of Washington, there are several judicial entities that hear civil as well as criminal cases. While a matter will usually start in a court of the lowest order, defendants who believe that justice was not meted out to them can appeal against a verdict in a higher court

The term Washington Active Warrant refers to an arrest order issued by the magistrate of a district court in the state that commands law enforcement agencies to apprehend an individual

The Statistical Analysis Center of Washington assimilates and analyses crime information provided under the voluntary Federal Bureau of Investigation UCR program (Uniform Crime Reporting)