Family Members of Homicide Victim Ask to Reinstate Death Penalty!

Lori Hamm, a resident of Washington State was murdered in 2006 by the notorious John Wayne Thomas who has been charged with another homicide and has also been found guilty of committing a third murder. On death row for almost a year, it seems that Wayne may not suffer the consequences of his actions now that the governor of Washington has abolished capital punishment.

The understandably disgruntled family of the victim communicated their disappointment to the Governor’s office by reminding him that he has taken an oath to defend and support the laws of Washington. The letter which implored the Governor to reconsider his decision on banning death penalty executions was penned by the father of the victim.

Jerry Hamm said that Lori was killed in cold blood by Thomson. The homicide had sent shock waves across Cowlitz County at the time and as such, the Governor was not being fair to the victim, her family or to the residents of the county all of who rely on elected officials to uphold their rights and the penal code of Washington State.

Thomson is on death row in California since 2014 for murdering a businessman in the state. However, the criminal code of California has the provision for automatic appeal to the Apex court of the state in case of capital punishment. Even if the convict were to lose the appeal, he still would not face the death penalty as a moratorium has been placed on all executions in California.

The third victim was James Ehrgott from Spokane County. Although in Cowlitz County, first degree murder charge has been filed against Thomson and this does not carry the capital punishment, prosecution could always amplify the charges so that death penalty can be sought for his crimes.

In Spokane County, he is being accused of aggravated assault and if found guilty as charged, he will qualify for capital punishment. However, all of this would only be possible if his extradition is sought to Washington and if the Governor changes his decision and revokes the ban.