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The King County Clerk of Court’s department uses two approaches when handling requests for a case search from civilian applicants. It is possible for people to provide the court dockets number when looking for details that pertain to a specific matter. Another way is launching a broad brush case search against the subject. To do so, you will need to specify the number of years for which the inquiry on judicial records is to be conducted.

You will have to also offer subject specific information as well as some details about the case when conducting such an inquiry for King County court documents. It goes without saying that you will have to provide both the first and the last name of the person who is being investigated. Also, you will be asked to furnish the date of birth of the subject and if possible the social security number.

This additional information reduces the risk of another person’s judicial records being included in the results of your case search. In terms of case related details, if you have the case number, you can find out about everything that transpired during the trial. An alternative is to include the name of the attorney as the search criteria. At least when it comes to civil cases, this information should also do.

Among the myriad of case search options available to you is the facility to find court dockets for King County, WA, on the internet. You can either use a third party website for this or you could connect with the web portal of the judiciary at .

Remember on computer records are only available for 5 years. If you need older judicial records, you can get in touch with one of the agencies listed below by walking into their office or by writing to them.

  • The South Divisions District Court at Kent: 1210 Central Ave S Kent, WA 98032-7426
  • The Municipal Court in Sea Tac: 4800 S 188th St SeaTac, WA 98188
  • The Superior Court in Kent: Maleng Justice Center 401 4th Ave N, Room 2C Kent, WA 98032
  • East Division District Court in Issaquah: 5415 220th Ave SE Issaquah, WA 98029-6839
  • King County Clerk of Court’s Office: 516 Third Avenue, Room W-1033, Seattle, Washington 98104