A New Law in Washington Increases Police Check on DUI Offenses

Washington has recently passed a new law (June 27) which intensifies police supervision and enforcement of DUI offences.
Voting in the states House was unanimous which reflects a wide consensus on the need to tackle the problem of drunk driving in the state.
The Law obligates drivers charged with a second DUI offense to install an interlock device in their car. Moreover, these drivers will be under a constant supervision of state’s law enforcement authorities.
What instigated this legislative initiative was a series of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving. Most noticeable incident took place in March this year when a drunk driver hit a family while it was crossing the street. The driver severely injured a mother and her 10-day-old baby and killed the grandparents.
The law was the result of prolonged deliberations in which other proposals were laid on the table. These proposals included, for example, a mandatory minimum prison time for a second DUI offense and preventing second time offenders from buying alcohol for a period of no less than ten years.