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The simplest options for getting details about warrants and arrests in Seattle!

The Seattle Police Department is one of the few agencies that provides a concise daily log online. Unfortunately, their police blotter does not double up as the arrest log for the area. So, while you can find details on most criminal matters handled by the officers of the agency at, if you are interested in a formal arrest inquiry or a warrant search, you will need to look elsewhere. Continue reading to know about the online and offline options for data on recent arrests in Seattle.

How do you get access to Seattle arrests records?

Depending on what information you need and how much data you are interested in, there are two ways to initiate an arrest inquiry.

To obtain an arrest report- You will have to file a formal request for the arrests records of a subject through This is a paid service although you will only be charged copying fees. Also, you will need to sign up for the service before you are allowed to send in your request.

To get information on Seattle arrests- You will have to use the arrest app provided by the King County Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention at The facility can be used in multiple ways to access the arrest log for the area, details on all arrests in the last 24 hours and data pertaining to the detention of a specific inmate.

What are the different ways in which to access arrest warrants from Seattle?

Although you get more than one option for a warrant lookup, the information you get will vary from one source to another and not all of it is offered online. For instance:

The warrant database of the WA DOC: Think of this as a collection of all active warrants issued in Washington against suspects who are charged with serious criminal offenses. So, there sure is a lot of information on there and it is not specific to King County, let alone to the City of Seattle. Plus, you may not get details on all outstanding warrants from Seattle through this source. In any case, you can access the warrant list at

The case search tool of Washington Courts: Although they don’t have an exclusive option for finding data on outstanding warrants, you can get information on criminal cases through this facility. It’s available at and you can get the search done by using either the name or the case number as the inquiry parameter.

Crime stats for Seattle, Washington

The year 2019 was not particularly good fort Seattle in terms of crime rates. The number of criminal incidents ballooned to a massive 44,000 cases, which was an increase of nearly 3%. Talk about the crime rate keeping up with the population of the city, which increased by just as much.

The biggest problem with the uptick was the significant surge in instances of personal/violent crimes. The number of such cases rose by almost 10%. In contrast, the rate of property crimes logged in a dismal increase of less than 2%.