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The procedure for arrest warrants and the statute of limitations governing warrants’ issue is almost the same across the country. In King County, Washington, the police must submit a written complaint to get an arrest order against a suspect.

The sitting magistrate of a criminal court in the county has to be convinced that there is enough proof available in the case to prove the involvement of the individual against whom the warrant is being sought.

To this end, the written affidavit is carefully studied by the judge, and if this proves inadequate, the victim/witnesses may also be called in to offer sworn testimony. After due diligence has been exercised to ensure probable cause that proves culpability, a written arrest order with the magistrate’s signature is issued.

This document is called an active arrest warrant, while an order for arrest which has been backlogged in the national crime database is known as an outstanding arrest warrant. Regardless of the change in the legal terminology, police have the authority to arrest a person against whom a warrant exists at any time and from any place.

To find out if there is an arrest warrant in your name or against someone you know, contact the King County Sheriff’s Department at 516 Third Ave Rm W-116, Seattle, Washington 98104. However, visiting them in person will mean that you will be taken into custody if there is a warrant out against you.

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How do you get information on King County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021- Update)

  • Recent arrests-related data: 206-296-1234.
  • Juvenile detention related details: 206-477-9890.
  • Probation related information: 206-477-0668 (Community Corrections).
  • Information about accessing an accident report: (206) 263-2626.
  • Information about accessing arrest records and other police reports: 206-263-2103.
  • General details from the King County Sheriff’s Office: (206) 296-4155.
  • Information about a criminal case: (206) 296-4155.
  • Queries pertaining to crime victim’s assistance: (206) 477-3743 (Seattle) or (206) 477-3757 (Kent) and (206) 477-3044 (Juvenile Cases).
  • Victim information and notification (King County VINE): 877-425-8463.
  • Judicial records and case search related questions: (206) 477-1400 (Superior Court) and (206) 477-1720 (District Court).

Crime Statistics of King County, Washington

In 2019, almost 4230 criminal complaints were filed in King County. Larceny-theft (2132), burglary (796), and motor vehicle thefts (693) accounted for the over 3600 property crimes reported. There were over 360 occurrences of aggravated assault, more than 60 cases of rape and nearly 165 cases of robbery in the category of violent crimes.

From 1999 to 2008, almost 100,000 cases were reported in King, Washington, which puts the area in the list of counties with the state’s highest crime rates. Annually, nearly 92,000 crimes are informed, of which about 7000 are violent crimes that include approximately 50 homicides and over 500 sexual assault cases.

In this article’s ten-year period, there has been a negligible increase in the crime rate. Yet crime rates remain high, showing that while the scenario may not have worsened in the area, the police have been unable to curtail criminal activities.

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