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An arrest warrant is issued under the sole consideration that enough evidence exists up to that point to file a criminal matter against the individual in question. The Snohomish County, WA court carefully considers all the information stated in the writ filed by the police before issuing an arrest order.

If this is found to be insufficient, the magistrate may even call the victim/witnesses for sworn testimony. The judiciary’s sincere endeavor to only issue arrest orders in cases where there is ample evidence to implicate the person whose arrest is being requested.

Once issued, an arrest order only loses its powers when the arrest is made; however, a warrant may sometimes not be served immediately because the individual’s whereabouts are unknown. In this case, the order is merely stored in a central database of crime hosted by the FBI in the form of an outstanding arrest warrant.

A person can and will be taken into custody whether the warrant against him is active or pending. The geographical limits placed on an arrest order depend on the nature of the crime; of severe offenses, the warrant can detain the person in any part of the country.

To find out about arrest records in Snohomish County, Washington, you will have to pay a visit to the local sheriff’s office, situated on 3000 Rockefeller, M/S 606, 4th Floor, Courthouse, Everett, Washington 98201. Telephone inquiries are not entertained for warrant searches; however, you can call the precinct for any other information on 425-388-3393.

The form above will give you access to a third party, an online database of criminal records; a warrant search through this channel is fast, safe, and affordable.

How do you get information on Snohomish County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021- Update)

  • Get an incident or arrest report by contacting the Public Disclosure Unit at 425-388-3863.
  • Obtain details about active warrants by contacting 425-388-3331 for misdemeanor warrants lookup and 425-388-3466 for felony warrants search.
  • Get details on resolving arrest warrants by contacting the Office of Public Defense at 425-388-3500.
  • Get information on arrests and jail records by calling the phone number of the Snohomish County Jail- 425-388-3395.
  • Access details about a criminal complaint by calling the Detective Division at 425-388-5277.
  • Get general information and register a non-emergency complaint by calling 425-388-3393 or 800-562-4367.
  • Obtain information about civil procedures, such as bench warrants by calling the Civil Division at 425-388-3060.
  • Get information about obtaining criminal judicial records by contacting the Superior Court at 425-388-3421 and the District Court Administration at 425-388-3331.

Crime Statistics of Snohomish County, Washington

Over 4850 crimes were reported in Snohomish County in 2019. This annual average comprised fewer than 550 cases of violent crimes and around 4330 matters pertaining to property crimes. Nearly 2600 complaints in the property crimes category were attributed to larceny-thefts while burglary led to the filing of around 900 complaints. Of the violent crime cases filed, around 380 were against aggravated assault while 80 complaints were attributed to rape and more than 70 to robbery.

Data relating to the crime situation in Snohomish County showed a rising trend with an increase of almost 30% clocked over the ten years from 1999 to 2008. In this period, each year, the county witnessed an alarming 19,000 incidents of crime, of which almost 1000 were violent.

Rapes and homicides, while not very common, still showed an average of almost 160 and 20 incidents per year. In contrast, thefts and robbery cases were frequently reported, with an annual average of nearly 5000 incidents.

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