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Like most other WA areas, San Juan County arrest warrant searches have to be conducted in person or by sending in your request through mail. The police and most judicial agencies of WA involved in the task of disseminating crime history information are opposed to the idea of offering background reports online.

Ideally, when you want to find out about San Juan County arrest records and outstanding warrants, it would be most sensible to visit the court that issued the order in connection with which the subject was detained. You stand to get information on arrests and warrants from this source and learn about any order judicial directives issued against the topic.

Similarly, the county clerk’s office will be able to help you with details on arrest warrants, charges filed against the subject, sentencing, and just about everything that pertains to criminal cases. Besides, the department will also be able to furnish information from the civil tribunals in the area.

You can find details on bench warrants, civil cases, and more by simply browsing through the agency’s court dockets database. While last on this list, the sheriff’s department is in no way behind when offering information on active warrants and arrests. To contact these agencies, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 350 Court St, Friday Harbor, Washington 98250
  • The magistrate: 350 Court St, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 638, Friday Harbor, Washington 98250

Is it possible to get information on San Juan County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Details on accessing arrest records and other police reports as well as information on active warrants and arrests can be obtained by calling the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office- 360-378-4151.
  • Inmate search and records can be accessed by calling Yakima County Corrections (outsourced to Yakima County)- 509-574-1700 (inmate search) and 509-574-2929 (visitation).
  • Details about initiating a case search can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Court: 360-378-2399 (Superior Court) and 360-378-4017 (District Court).

Crime Statistics of San Juan County, Washington

In 2019, the annual crime average of San Juan County stood at few over 115 cases. Of these complaints, more than 100 were against property crimes and around 9 were against violent crimes. The property crimes category included offenses such as:

  • Larceny theft- 76
  • Motor vehicle theft-9
  • Burglary-20

However, in the violent crime category, all the complaints were filed against instances of aggravated assault.

From 2003 onward, over the next five years, an estimated 250 criminal cases were filed in San Juan County, Washington. Of these cases, approximately 8 were violent crimes.

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