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In Asotin County, Washington, the magistrate’s court issues active arrest warrants after due deliberation over the case related facts presented before the court by the police. Although the police can take offenders into custody without arrest warrants, the circumstances in which this would be a legally viable option are limited.

For instance, if an arrest is made while the perpetrator is involved in the act or is caught while fleeing from the crime scene, it would be considered legal. Similarly, suppose a police officer has real reason to believe that a person will soon commit a criminal act or has already been involved in a felony. In that case, he/she has the right to detain such an individual. However, if these legal conditions are not met, the investigating officers must petition the court and receive an arrest order from the judiciary.

This is done by submitting a detailed case report in court, which acts as the Asotin County’s affidavit, Washington active warrant is based. The judge may also call in the witnesses or the victim of the crime for sworn testimony. After completing the legally prescribed procedure, a warrant is handed over to the police against the accused.

This type of judicial order does not go out of effect, and it merely gets stored into the police and federal crime system as an outstanding warrant from Asotin, Washington when. Because the magistrate’s court issues all legal processes, they must have information on such detention decrees. However, the county clerk’s office also retains details on civil cases and judicial instruments used in such matters as bench warrants, etc.

Similarly, the state and county police have information on all arrest warrants issued in the county and prior Asotin County, WA arrest records of all offenders. So, any one of these state agencies can be contacted for a warrant search. To go about your quest for information, you will need to personally show up at the office of the justice agency you choose or write to these state agencies at:

  • Sheriff’s: 127 2nd Street, PO Box 130, Asotin, Washington 99402
  • Magistrate’s court: 2 2nd St, Asotin, WA 99402
  • County clerk’s: PO Box 129, Asotin, Washington 99402


How do you get information on Asotin County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To find out about recent arrests, use the non-emergency dispatch phone number of the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office – 509-758-2331
  • To conduct an inmate search and to learn about inmate services, call the Asotin County Jail at 509-758-1668.
  • To learn the procedure for requesting arrest records, incident and accident reports, call 509-243-4717
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the Victim-Witness Coordinator of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 509-751-6004.
  • To know the procedure for accessing judicial records of criminal cases, call the District Court Administrator at 509-243-2027 and the Superior Court Administrator at 509-243-2082.


Crime Statistics of Asotin County, Washington

The overall movement in the crime rate of Asotin County between 2018 and 2019 was not really significant with 141 complaints filed in 2019 as compared to the 139 in 2018. However, the violent crime rate nearly doubled through this period, going from an annual incident average of just 8 offenses to 15 incidents reported in 2019.

Asotin County, Washington sheriff’s department receives at least three criminal complaints every two days. This puts the annual crime average in the vicinity of about 600 incidents. While there has been a reduction of almost 20% in the yearly standards of violent and overall crime, more than half of the illicit acts that transpire in the area occur when the victim is no more than a mile from his home or workplace.

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