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Of course, you can go to the police if you want to get a Lincoln County arrest warrant search. However, did you know that the judiciary can also help you out with all inquiries about WA arrest records and warrants? In fact, through the county clerk’s office, you can also find out about the civil cases initiated against the subject.

Because the police make arrests with and without warrants, detain criminals till they can be taken to court, and handle scores of responsibilities when it comes to the trial proper, the general assumption that the sheriff’s office can tell you all about arrest warrants from Lincoln County is bang on. However, the judiciary is equally involved in the process of serving justice.

For instance, the magistrate’s office has been clothed with authority to issue active warrants in Lincoln County, and rightly so. After all, the judiciary has no uptake in detaining an accused, so they can act reasonably when ruling on the evidence presented by the police. Not that the cops are keen on holding innocent folks in custody, but the fact that they put in a lot of effort in investigating a criminal matter can cloud their judgment.

Given the judiciary’s role in issuing outstanding warrants, you can approach the magistrate court or the county clerk’s office with the court dockets database. These agencies work out of:

  • The Police: PO Box 367, 404 Sinclair, Davenport, Washington 99122
  • The court: 450 Logan St, Davenport, WA 99122
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 28, Davenport, Washington 99122

Is it possible to get information on County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • To obtain police reports, accident reports, arrest records, and criminal records- (509) 725-3501.
  • To ask about arrest warrants- (509)725-4040 (Felony warrants) and (509)725-2281 (Misdemeanor warrants).
  • To get information about victim services- (509)725-4040.
  • To request a case search- 509-725-2281 (District Court) and 509-725-3081 (Superior Court).

Crime Statistics of Lincoln County, Washington

Lincoln County’s crime average decreased by almost 30% in 2019, reaching 97 incidents from its high of 144 cases in 2018.However, the rate of violent crime increased by 20%, going from 8 to 10 instances in 2019.

Larceny-theft accounted for more than 50 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for over 25 of the total 87 complaints filed against such offenses.

Almost 170 complaints are filed in Lincoln County, Washington every year; of these cases, about 5% are lodged against violent criminal acts, including murder and rape. The majority of the incidents reported are linked to property crimes. Between 2001 and 2008, there was a rise of almost 80% in the area’s crime figures.

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