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When looking for information pertaining to active arrest warrant issued in Clallam County, you will have a harrowing time trying to locate details over the internet. Despite the rapid advances in technology and their extensive use by most state agencies, the judiciary of Clallam and the law enforcement offices have failed to offer the convenience of online warrant searches to the residents of the county.

This means that there is only, really one thing to do when seeking details on outstanding warrants against an individual- take the time out to visit the sheriff's office or the magistrate's court or the county clerk's department in person. Here is a list of addresses and contact numbers that will help you to contact these agencies.

The sheriff's department: Located at 223 E 4th St Suite 12, Port Angeles, Washington 98362 the office of the sheriff maintains a database of all crime history related information which is also connected to the state and federal repositories of criminal information.

So, while Georgia Police may not help you to get information from the FBI database or records from other states, you can be sure that you are doing the community a service by taking your search to this department. If the perpetrator lives in your vicinity, you can be certain that he will be arrested almost promptly.

The county clerk's office: The clerk of court and his team or not part of the state run law enforcement department; they are part of the judicial system of Georgia and as such are entrusted with the task of maintaining all records for the tribunals across the county in the form of court dockets. To contact them, visit 223 East 4th Street Suite 1, Port Angeles, Washington 98362

The magistrate's office: Also a part of the judicial makeup of the county, the magistrate plays an integral role in the issuing of arrest warrants in Clallam County, so this office will have all records pertaining to such detention orders. To call on them, go to the county justice center which also houses the court of clerk's office.

While the police are undoubtedly responsible for maintaining the law and order in the county, the residents can considerably accentuate community safety by conducting background checks. After all, it is hard to ignore that each year, approximately 1700 plus crimes are reported in the area; this is a massive 18,000 crimes over the decade and an increase of almost 90% in the overall crime rate.

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