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The magistrate's court of Franklin County, WA hears both civilian and criminal matters. In case of the former, the jurisdiction of the tribunal is limited to litigations that do not exceed a claim amount of $15,000.In case of criminal issues, the court is responsible for presiding over pre-warrant and warrant trials.

This means that the county or the circuit court has exclusive authority when it comes to the issue of active arrest warrants. However, the mere issue of a warrant would be utterly futile unless the power of the state is exerted when serving the order. This is where the sheriff's office comes into the picture. The deputies are charged with arresting the accused and presenting him before the magistrate,

Finally, it also helps to understand that not all arrest warrants in Franklin County get served immediately, those that don't, are simply stored in the state and federal database as outstanding warrants. Now, obviously a judicial entity is needed to save such records- enter the county clerk's department. The clerk of court maintains information on all civil as well as criminal matters that go through the judicial system of the county.

So, if you are looking for arrest records or want to go in for a warrant search, you will need to get in touch with one of these three departments. Their addresses and contact details are mentioned below.

  • The sheriff: 1015 N 5th Ave, Pasco, Washington 99301. Contact no: 509-545-3501
  • The magistrate: 1016 N 4th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301. Tel no: 509-545-3525
  • The county clerk: 1016 North 4th Street, Pasco, Washington 99301. Tel no: 509-545-3536, Fax no: 509-545-3524

If you have not yet considered a background check, a casual look at the crime rate of Franklin County, WA which stands at almost 1500 incidents annually will give you impetus to do so.The ten yearly total crime average for the area comes up to almost 20,000 occurrences of which less than 10% are violent criminal acts.

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