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After investigation, if the police find that the role of a certain person in a crime can be established based on the evidence collected, they seek a warrant against the individual. For this judicial arrest order, they have to go to the criminal court of Lewis County, WA with a sworn statement.

The document is supposed to specify the nature of the crime, the probable cause and information about the suspect. If the sitting magistrate is convinced of the reasons that led the police to believe that the person against whom the warrant is being requested in responsible for the crime, an active arrest warrant is issued.

The judge may ask to speak to the witness/victim before signing the arrest order. Depending on the seriousness of the matter, the individual in whose name the warrant has been issued can be arrested within a matter of hours.

However, if for some reason, he/she is not taken into custody, this does not mean that the warrant has been recalled. In fact an active arrest warrant never goes out of effect; it is simply termed differently as an outstanding arrest warrant when it is saved into the national crime database.

Peace officers run the name of every person who is involved in any kind of legal violation, no matter how trivial, through this database. Needless, to say, if a warrant is found against an individual, he/she will be arrested immediately.

So, it would be prudent to undertake periodic warrant searches to find out if there are any arrest orders in your name. The Sherriff’s Department of Lewis County Washington can be contacted for this purpose by calling on them at 345 W Main Street, Chehalis, Washington 98532. You can also connect with the records clerk over the phone at 360-748-9286 or fax on 360-740-1476. However, you will be asked to come down in person for all arrest records related inquiries.

An online warrant search is the other alternative; it is convenient, faster and safer. So, to access an internet based repository of arrest records, fill the form above.

Of the total number of almost 25,000 crimes that took place in Lewis between 1999 and 2008, less than 10% were violent in nature. Yet, almost 10 murder cases and nearly 300 incidents of rape were reported in the area in that period. However, the crime category that painted a particularly grim picture was that of theft and robbery at approximately 20,000 cases.
In the decade mentioned earlier, crime rates rose by nearly 60%. This alarming increase means that crime figures may hit just about 4000 in the years to come. Everyday almost 8 incident reports are filed with the law enforcement agencies in the area and in most cases, the crime occurs within a mile of the victim’s home/office.

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