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Arrest records in Mason County, Washington are stored with a number of government agencies that are involved in its issue. For instance, the process for the release of arrest warrants starts at the sheriff's department or the DA's office. After the investigation has been completed, the police or the legal wing of the state approaches the court to obtain an active arrest warrant.

Such a request is only granted after careful deliberation over the case related facts presented before the court. These have to be enough to establish a probable cause; only then will the sitting magistrate sign the warrant. Any such arrest order in Mason County that remains unexecuted is stored in the police and judicial system under the heading- outstanding warrants.

For a warrant search, you will need to approach a judicial or a law enforcement entity. The agency you choose should largely depend on the type and amount of information you need. For example, if you merely want to know if there is an outstanding warrant in the name of a person you are acquainted with, you should approach the magistrate's court at 419 N 4th St, Shelton, WA 98584

In contrast, if you would like more exhaustive information on the criminal background of your subject, this can be available through the sheriff's department.They are located at 419 N 4th Street, Shelton, Washington 98584 and a formal request made to this agency will bring back such information as the warrants in the name of an individual, matters that he/she was charged with in the past and also the verdict delivered in criminal cases against the person in question.

The sheriff's office also offers a most wanted page on their site. To access the county sheriff website, go to

Do not forget the county clerk's office either when looking for information on warrants. You will find that this judicial division not only offers administrative services to the county courthouse but also stores all case data in the court dockets. For contacting them, head over to 411 Worth 5th Street, Shelton, Washington 9858.

The crime figures of Mason County, WA had held steady at well below 100 incidents per year between 2001 and 2003. However, in subsequent years there was a sharp rise of nearly 80% in the crime rates.

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