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Just because you have been served a warrant before being taken into custody, does not mean that you have to confess to your crimes. While the judicial arrest order is known to confer specific authority on peace officers, it also protects the rights of the person who is to be remanded into custody. Here is a look at the issue procedure of an arrest order and how it is used.

What you need to know about arrest warrants?

An active arrest warrant is defined as a written arrest order which has been signed by the judge of a criminal court in Pierce County, Washington. The document is only released after the magistrate has carefully considered the information presented in front of the court by the Sheriff’s Department. This usually includes:

  • Crime related data including the nature of the incident and what led the police to believe that it was a criminal act
  • Information about the suspect including his/her name, address, age, sex, race etc
  • Evidence collected by the investigating officers (sworn witness/victim testimony will be needed if the magistrate finds the information in the writ inadequate)

What happens after an active warrant is issued?

Once released, the arrest order stays in effect until such time that it is executed; this could be for a few days or even a few decades. In fact, the central FBI repository of criminal data includes several warrants that are well over 2 decades old.

Once a warrant has been issued, the police have the authority to serve it at any time and at any place and use any means of force necessary to arrest the individual in question.

What happens to Pierce County, WA arrest warrants that remain un-served?

All pending arrest orders are made a part of the FBI database and termed as outstanding arrest warrants. Information about these orders is freely disseminated to the public and law enforcement agencies and officers from across the country.

How to get arrest records for Pierce County?

Contact the local Sherriff’s office at

  • Address: 930 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, Washington 98402
  • Tel no: 253-798-7530

Warrant searches are only done in response to a visit made in person to the Sherriff’s office.

Crime rates for Pierce

The crime figures for the county between 1999 and 2008 portrayed a negative image with an increase of almost 25% in an already worrisome number of 4000 incidents per year. Over the ten year period, nearly 36,000 criminal reports were filed each year, which includes violent as well property crimes.

The figure for violent crime which was at over 10% of the total rate of crime included over 300 sexual assault cases and almost 25 homicides which were reported every year. In most criminal occurrences that take place in Pierce, the victim is less than a mile from his/her home/workplace.

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