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The FBI hosts a central database of criminal information that contains details on arrest records from all the 51 states. The central repository not only has information on outstanding arrest warrants but also it houses all information relating to crimes that have occurred in the country over the last several decades. Unfortunately, this information can only be accessed by law enforcement agencies.

Members of the public in Thurston County, WA are encouraged to approach the local Sherriff’s Department to seek arrest records and conduct warrant searches. However, before you visit the office of the law enforcement agency in your area, it would certainly help to have some knowledge on what arrest warrants are and how they can be used.

At this point, it would help to know that if an arrest warrant is out in your name, you risk arrest by visiting the sheriff’s office in your county. You may also be taken into custody if you are involved in the smallest legal issue as this will make the peace officer involved in the matter run your name through the FBI database.

In case of felonies and misdemeanors, an arrest order is only issued when the police approach the criminal court. A written petition has to be submitted for the consideration of the court. The writ will not only detail the crime but also mention information about the suspect and specify the evidence collected.

If this is sufficient for filing an accusatory instrument, an active arrest warrant is issued. Arrest orders stored in the nationwide database are called outstanding warrants and these are simply detention orders that have not been executed yet.

For information on arrest records in Thurston County, Washington contact the law enforcement agency located at 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia, Washington 98502. Other contact details include:

  • Tel No: 360-786-5500
  • Fax no: 360-786-5275
    • Thurston County has a fairly low crime rate of just about 6700 incidents per year. However, between 1999 and 2008, the violent crime rate swelled by almost 60% to top at nearly 500 as compared to the 300 incidents that were reported in 1999.

      The decade long crime figure stood at over 67,000 incidents; this is a cumulative number which includes property as well violent crime. While rape and homicide averaged at nearly 700 and 30 cases over the ten year period, thefts and robberies were the biggest cause for concern with over 50,000 cases.

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